Google Smartphone Price: How to Choose the Right One

Post On: 27 June 2017
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July 2, 2017

When we are talking about Google smartphone price, there is only a slight price difference between the Pixel and Pixel XL. If you take a look at the price comparison between the two, the new Pixel costs around Rs. 53,000 while the Pixl XL costs around Rs. 53,900. Only a slight, right? There are some handy tips that you can do when you want to decide whether you want the Pixel type of the Pixel XL one.

google smartphone price

Some Handy Tips for Google Smartphone Price

Just because it is the newest release, it doesn’t always mean that the newest phone will be better than before. See more how is the new iphone. Besides the Google smartphone price, there are some other elements to consider about:

  • Specifications. It may surprise you but some people prefer the old variant than the new ones – simple because the old ones have the features that they want. Sure, the newer device may have improved features and more sophisticated specs. But then again, not everyone wants to have the latest and the newest device. Read also HTC phone specs.
  • Price. Making comparison is the smartest way to know which one suitable for your needs. Considering that there are different Google smartphone types, doing comparison is definitely a must. See also when will iphone 7 be released?
  • Availability. Be sure to choose a supplier with guaranteed availability. Some of the suppliers require customers to order first – but you won’t have to wait long for the order to be ready. Some places have super fast service – once you place the orders, your device will be ready within days, instead of weeks.

Naturally, there are other different types of smartphones out there – not only limited to the Google phone. Think carefully about your options – whether Google phone is your only option of not.

After all, with Android operating system, operating and managing your communication should be easy. Again, think carefully about the other factors and elements, aside from the Google smartphone price.


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