How Is the New iPhone: Reviews in General

Post On: 22 June 2017
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July 2, 2017

How is the new iPhone, according to some of the gadget enthusiasts and IT lovers? When we are talking about iPhone today, it is as impressive as ever, really. But then again, there is nothing really new.

Apple has lacked creativity and innovation to develop the new phone, leaving the iPhone looking just the same as before – little development has been made for the technology too. So, what should you know about the new iPhone, anyway? See when will iphone 7 be released?

About the iPhone

iPhone is notorious for its short battery life but the new device seems to improve – a bit. Are you going to buy it? If you are, this is the right time to do so. There are some reasons why you will like this one. It has better camera. It has better battery life. It has better protection against water. And not to mention that it has fast response and performance. Comparing with samsung led phones.

how is the new iphone


The changes are little, though, and not so significant. For some people, somehow the iPhone 6S is looking more attractive than iPhone 7. The things to love about the iPhone 7 are the water resistant feature, the double internal capacity, and the improved camera ability.

The downsides are the lack of newest (and significant updates), the not-so-impressive battery life, and also the same boring design that has been used within the last 3 variants. If you ask, how is the new iPhone, frankly, it is not really satisfying.

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For some people, going for the previous variants is better from the terms of price and also features. Or if you want to get a completely better performance, you can consider other names and brands.
Some of the main competitors from Apple have managed to develop their products to the higher level – providing greater flexibility and ability. So, how is the new iPhone? So far, it is just so-so and not really impressive.


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