5 Best Digital Cameras Under $100 For Beginner

Are you looking for best digital cameras under $100? It is not so hard anymore to find them. But, you must make sure that these following reviews we’d provide are what you are looking for. If you are amateur photograper or it is the first experience of yours, this is the best place to find out your favorite digital cameras with their excellent.

5 Best Digital Cameras Under $100

1. Sony DSCW800

best digital cameras under $100

If you want to spend your extra bucks on a standalone camera, Sony DSCW800 is the best choice for you. Only by $90, you can capture the image with good quality. This is convenience digital camera ever equipped with 20.1 megapixel CCD sensor and 5x optical zoom lens including 720p HD video. Find more Sony DSCW800 specification on the sites.

2. Kodak PixPro Friendly Zoom FZ43

best digital cameras under $100

Kodak always keeps their products fresh with easier operating. It offers you 2.7-inch LCD screen with 4x optical zoom, Kodak PixPro Friendly Zoom FZ43 is eqquiped with 16-megapixel photos and it is able to shoot HD videos at 720p. Do you want to buy it? Well, you just need spending $70 for this unit. It is one of best cheap digital cameras 2017.

3. Nikon CoolPix L32

best digital cameras under $100

The price of digital camera is not always the same. It can be both higher and lower. Nikon CoolPix L32 is a bit higher price than prediction before. However, it is just retailed about $106. Well, this is so cool camera with 20.1 megapixel photos, 5x optical zoom lens, and shooting HD video ability at 720p. In addition, this type of Nikon offers you a “Smart Portrait System” including autofocus feature. Well, this is really one of the best digital cameras under $100 with best specification as well for beginner.

4. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

best digital cameras under $100

When it comes to the price $90, you will be interested to choose Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. Well, you should be proud of this digital camera due to the features offer to you by this cheap price. It is supported with a 95mm f/14 lens in two focus zones. There is an optical viewfinder eventhough it is without electronic. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 runs on AA batteries, so you can save more electricity, right? In addition, it is easy to change the battery. Read also when will iphone 7 be released

5. Polaroid Snap Instant

best digital cameras under $100

The last is Polaroid Snap Instant which is the best social or sharing camera. The features are containing Photo Booth mode, a self timer, and also six pictures modes such as normal, black and white, vintage, Polaroid border logo, etc). Meanwhile, you can choose your favorite color of it.

There are black, white, blue, and red. Even you cannot upload the images without WiFi connection, you can use sharing system to your device before uploading the images you have captured from this gorgeous digital camera. So, how much does it cost to have one unit? You only need $100.

Well photography lovers, those are my review which may inspire you to purchase the best one. These are really suitable and affordable digital camera for the beginner or amateur photograph. Have a nice purchase and try your best digital cameras under $100!

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