Fujifilm X100S Review: A Glimpse to the Camera

Post On: 20 July 2017
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July 18, 2017

Read about Fujifilm X100S review and reap the benefits of knowing the details of the retro style camera. The compact camera is super sleek and vintage – perfect for photo enthusiast and fans. But let’s not forget that this is actually a brand new camera, made through the careful development of the company. The outer look may be retro but not so with the technology inside. So, what can yoyu expect from the new camera, anyway?

A Deeper Exploration of Fujifilm X100S Review

First thing to like about this device is the APS-C sensor made with SLR size and also F2 23mm lens has created a high quality and perfect image. However, it has an innovative hybrid electronic/optical viewfinder with traditional dial handle that will deliver the old-school traditional feel.

Fujifilm X100S review

When it was launched, the firmware was quite confusing with lots of bug issues. But it is a good thing that the company has developed updates, creating a truly functional and handy tool for your photographic needs. Despite some of the system flaws, this device is able to deliver a smooth and handy photography experience that will enrich your outcome.

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It is advisable that you read the Fujifilm X100S review so you see that this device with CMOS 16.3MP X-Trans sensor will create a very nice photography experience and outcome – something that serious photographers will take seriously.

And let’s not forget about the new processor that will this retro camera works faster and more efficient. With EXR II processor, combined with Lens Modulation Optimize, you can expect improved outlook and results with the crystal clear image and sharp details.

Even the smallest apertures can be achieved with this device. Not to mention that it has two additional focus with manual tweak, designed to give users the feel of using manual handle and function. These are the things you can gain when you read Fujifilm X100S review.


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