Getting Best Lower Nikon Digital Camera Prices

If you are digital camera lovers, you better check our update information about new Nikon digital camera prices which are available in India. However, we provide you the converter that you can easily know how much it costs. Well, we know living in this modern time cannot avoid technology because more modern, the higher technology provided in this world.

Camera digital is made by technology with its excellence. It cannot be denied that it is interesting fact we can capture and save what wee see in this device. Awesome! So, let’s start to the first range price of Nikon digital camera! Read also best digital cameras under $100.

Nikon Digital Camera in Range of $100 -$140

Are you looking for affordable Nikon digital camera? Nikon Coolpix W100 is quiet cool for begiinner. The budget is only Rs 7,700 or $119.67. It is equipped with 13.2Mp point and shoot with 3x optical zoom. It is inlcuded card and camera case. The color is available in white only for this price. But there is blue one with another price as well. Using this camera from Nikon can enjoy your eyes and hands to take pictures as much as you want and also video quality because it is completed with 220 shots battery life. It is very enough for beginner.

Nikon Coolpix W100

Another choice is Nikon Coolpix S6300. It is not so much different with Nikon Coolpix W100. However, it has more specications. It has 16MP point and shoot with 10x optical zoom. It is completed with 4Gb card and camera case as well.

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The price of this camera is about Rs 9,495 or $147.56. the color is available in various colors such as silver, white, blue, red, black, and gold. Nevertheless, they probably have various prices as well, but it will not so much different. You better save list of Nikon digital camera prices when you are going to buy one.

Nikon Digital Camera in Range of $ 170 -$ 300

Now we move to another price which is including more medium than explained above. Here is Nikon Coolpix B500 with completion of 16Mp point and shoot camera and also 40x optical zoom. The price is around Rs 13,800 or the same as $ 214.47. This price is for red color while another color such black is lower price.

This is included compact digital camera with total pixel approximately 16.76 million. You can use this camera for shooting expereince not only for taking pictures. Otherwise, you can choose the best one of lower prices Nikon digital camera above as your consideration.

nikon digital camera prices

Another option is coming to Nikon Coolpic B700. The body is black styled camera digital SLR. However, it is equipped in 16Gb memory card and camera case as well. It has 20.3 megapixels with 60x optical zoom. The lens is VR type while the features are including high performance autofocus and snap bridge. It is completed with WiFi and Bluetooth. This camera digital is quiet smart for professional like you.

So, you should choose the best and most suitable camera digital for any occation in your life by considering many important things including the price. Well, this article bringing topic of Nikon digital camera prices would be your inspiration in looking for your best camera digital.

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