Samsung LED Phones New Trend for Private and Business

Post On: 8 June 2017
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June 9, 2017

Samsung LED phones by their new excellence have been released by Samsung production. Many people have known this brand due to its high quaity technology supported in these phones. The existence of modern technology can produce every new product of the year.

However, do you know the strengthness, the weakness, and also specification of Samsung LED phones? Here we will give you some information about this type of phone.

The Excellence of Samsung LED Phones

Smarter people will create smarter phones. There is no wonder about Samsung always releases their new products every year. They present the excellence of each product including LED phones. They are indeed for both private and business needs. Viral and trend of LED phones from Samsung started from 2016 by Samsung LED flash J7.

samsung led phones

Many people say this is the best selife phone supported with front facing LED flash light. It has 13 megapixel camera and 5 megapixel front facing camera. The price is about $250. It is affordable smartphone LED style for private and also business needs.

Now, currently trend LED phones from Samsung is Galaxy S7. It is exactly comparable with J7. They have similarities on the front camera and run on Android 6.0. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have led flash light and it could be for next generation S8. The price runs in the $700. The budget is quiet far different with J7.

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However, both of them have best excellence for private and business because they are multitasking phones as well. Samsung Galaxy S7 is actually completed with LED color notifications. So, you can change the color of it as you like by several tricks you can find in the sites.

Oh well, we almost forget another top and popular Samsung LED phones existed already in India. That is Samsung J5. It has similarity with Samsung J7 as well such as LED flashlight camera in front. The budget of purchase is retailed about $190. Right, it has a little different price with Samsung J7. You might call them affordable and adorable smartphones best for selfie.

New Release Samsung LED Phones in 2017

Another option when you are looking for new Samsung smartphones under $ 300 is Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro. Yeah, this is the newest product from Samsung released in 2017. It is now shipping in India for the range of $130 or Rs 8,490. We think this is also affordable price for Samsung smartphone. It is supported with AMOLED display with 16Gb of storage and also a microSD slot.

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In addition, you will be surprised by new Samsung Galaxy S8+ which will be launched globally on April 21st 2017. This is really best product multitasking phone for private and business needs generally. This high end smartphone has “infinity display” with a curved 6.2” Quad HD. It has also flexible super AMOLED display which is always on without bezels.

You should know that smartphone styled Samsung Galaxy S8+ has a Dual Pixel 12MP OIS camera while the storage is 64GB and 4GB RAM. This is really one of the amazing Samsung LED phones of the year you should have. It will present your style ever!


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