Why Technology is Good for the Society Life

Post On: 12 June 2017
June 15, 2017

Why technology is good? The more modern time, the higher quality of technology in the world. Almost all parts of the world now use technology time by the time. The question now is “Is technology good”?
Well, here we will expose the reasons that technology is good especially for our society. Due to the changing of the world, our needs is also increasing. Actually, there are many opinions related to the effect of technology existence in our society. However, let’s take a look the reason technology is good for society.

Well, the first good thing on technology is connecting us. In this case, we can share our past, enrich the present, and of course expand our future by using social media. There have been many technology in the former since the world war. Even more today, there are so many modern technology used by our society in the right way.

why technology is good

We should take positive sides the presence of this technology. There are Skype, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Those all social networks are part of technology. That is why technology is good for our society because it connect us without boundaries.

By texting, calling, and e-mailing, we can keep in touch with our friends, family, relatives, and others. We all can do communication in advance. Alright then, why technology is good for our society that it produce more goods and also the energy. Technology basically allows us to be creative and innovative. From hybrid vehicle into light energy bulbs, technology has changed the world. One machine can be produced in a short time. There are manufacturers use technology to produce their goods.

Whenever we need vehicle, we can use it in our daily life. We can take the children to the school while we can go for shopping. Technology has changed the transportation in all over the world as well. Even though, not all parts of the world has been touched by modern technology.

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In addition, technology is good for children, too. Alas, not all parents support them because they probably are afraid of misuse the technology such as social media. Nevertheless, parents like us should be careful to pay attention to the children because the technology is truly good and beneficial for our life.

Don’t we realize? Technology can save our lives, too. How can technology save our life? If there is no technology, we could take medicines as our medication to relieve our pain or even we can get well after taking them. We can do medical treatments which have saved many lives. In western countries, we can just dial 9-1-1 to make possibility of saving our lives due to technology.

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We almost cannot ignore to avoid the technology which is more and more high quality designed. In fact, technology has filled our life by its benefit. Even new technology now is really achievable that we can use and operate so easily such as phone cellular or smartphone right now. So, why technology is good? Well, let’s just embrace the technology’s great qualities.


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