Today’s High End Phone: When Will iPhone 7 be Released

When will iPhone 7 be released? You might be that questioning. Hello, smartphone lovers! Welcome to iPhone 7 the high end phone ever from iPhone company.

Well, there must be rumors spreading to all over countries about the time releasing this waited phone. However, we better know firstly about the specification iPhone 7 in order that you know well this type of phone before purchase is done.

When Will iPhone 7 be Released?

There is no an end of releasing new iPhone year to year and time to time. Excellent! The release date of iPhone 7 is becoming a historical thing now. You may get iPhone 6S on your hand and it may follow-on by assuming pre-ordered. Apple company just made great improvement to iPhone 7 as the next handset phone.So, you must have expectation from this high end iPhone release. Find out here everything you need to know.

when will iphone 7 be released

According to the source from the sites in UK, finally you can buy iPhone 7 because it has been officially available for purchase after all over rumors in a year. On September 16, 2016, the iPhone 7 is the very hot demand due to pre-orders to look certain models and also available colors. Be sure you know the detailed information and specification of iPhone 7 before you have iPhone 7 deals after related to when will iPhone 7 be released.

Something New on iPhone 7

Looking to iPhone 7 design, it is the one with curved edges and total glass body. It might be similar to the iPhone 6 and 6S. They are easy on the eye instead of their designs. You may haven’t heard yet that iPhone 7’s headphone port seriously and completely removed by the Apple’s. In addition, a pair of Lighting connected to EarPods have been redundant as well. So, you can’t really listen to the music while you are charging or you have a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

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iPhone 7 specification is basically comparable with Samsung Galaxy S7. Well, both of them is not fully waterproof but iPhone 7 is more capable in any type of water such as whenever you spilt the drinks or accidental trip down the toilet occasionally. Additionally iPhone 7 characteristic is on nice finish. You are provided new color scheme such as Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold or pink models with Matt Black and glossy Jet Black. Oh, God! This must be difficult choice for you, right?

There is more! Well, just say goodbye to limitation of 16Gb iPhone. Why so? Of course, new iPhone 7 offers you new power supply with dubbed the A10 Fusion (the new chipset). In addition, the baterry life is given boost that you will not keep charging in a full week or even everytime you need. Nevertheless, related to when will iPhone 7 be released, this phone is no available for wireless charging.

However, your new iPhone’s battery comfortably takes into a second day. Speaking of the retail, iPhone7 price will be about 699-799 poundsterling in each 128Gb and 256GB model. Well, readers, take your time and it’s time to find your high end iPhone now when will iPhone 7 be released!

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